History - Philosophy


We often see at first-time visits that people don't necessarily care how much we know until they know how much we care. This primary attribute, we feel, is what separates us from the other financial services firms in the marketplace. We also believe that this is one of the driving forces that has made Swift Financial Services, Inc., so successful in not only meeting our clients' needs, but in exceeding their expectations.

We're not looking for short-term relationships; rather, our hopes are that we become multigenerational consultants. Our clients' finances are, in most cases, a family affair, and we feel we can provide outstanding service to not only our original clients but to their children and their children's children as well.

Like you, we're in this for the long term.



Swift Associates was founded in 1985 in Sandwich, Massachusetts, to offer financial and insurance planning to individuals and small companies in the Cape Cod area. We quickly found that many of our clients had a need for a broader range of financial services, and within a few years, Swift Associates evolved into a full-service, independent financial services firm, becoming Swift Financial Services, Inc.

Clients who were with us from the beginning know that the guiding principles of our firm have remained constant; we offer expert guidance while providing world-class service. 

We expect these principles to help us stand out in the financial marketplace as we progress into the future.

In 2012, Swift merged with Axial Financial Group.